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  • Do you require greater efficiency and waste a lot of time in order preparation?

  • Do errors occur in the preparation that translates into customer returns?

  • Order preparation limits fluidity in the supply chain.

  • A preparation process that is too manual increases the cost of the product unnecessarily.

  • Do you need to automate the picking process, but do not know which solution is the most profitable?

Picking and Optimisation in order preparation

The best solutions for picking automation

The picking process can be one of the most expensive and most dedicated tasks in number of operators. The solution to gain greater efficiency and speed is the automation of the process.

But, what level of automation is necessary in the picking process? Depending on the degree of turnover of your products, the flexibility of the new system, level of investment, and expected profitability, you have to opt for one system or another.

pickingIf you require great flexibility for products of low, medium and high turnover and with very varied volumes, we recommend a progressive picking automation. From the extension of the ERP software itself or through an SGA system, with the help of barcode reading terminals or radiofrequency devices.

This solution allows you to manage the physical space, synchronise the inventory in real time with your ERP and optimise the time of warehouse personnel, minimising costs and increasing the efficiency of deliveries.

If necessary, we propose more automated systems, especially for high turnover products. In these cases, we will integrate robotic systems, which will constitute more profitable investments.

In Neteris we work to integrate a picking automation system adapted to your needs. If you want to take your company one step further, get to know our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) and ask us for more information.

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