Illustration of Scientific Method Infographic Timeline ChartIn the 21st Century, it becomes increasingly important for companies to optimize their business processes, not so much because of the implicit cost savings, but also for the improvement in the time involved in the automation of global business processes. Often, the response times of a single support are analyzed and, either because of lack of capacity or due to the absence of adequate profiles, these periods are lengthened, affecting the business areas that demand different services.

To reduce these situations, Neteris proposes an Outsourcing model based on services designed and managed “ad hoc” for our clients. After a phase of analysis of its particular situation (AS IS), the outsourcing services model is designed and adjusted with the aim of providing the best professionals possible, with the most appropriate preparation and training, for as long as necessary and with response times adjusted to the needs of each customer’s business (TO BE)

In addition to identifying and adjusting the technical/functional equipment most appropriate to the needs of each client, Neteris envelops the services with a governance model of outsourcing, based on the best sourcing practices in the market, to provide the best communication model, reporting and with an optimal role design to manage, in the most efficient way possible, the services that Neteris provides to its customers.

The goal of Neteris is to accompany its customers on the path of improvement to optimize processes in the area of ​​system and application support to be able to bring value to your business from the area of ​​IT and its daily processes.

Below you will find some of the solutions that we offer, among others, if you are looking for help in another area or just want to know how to get your company a step ahead, learn about our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) and request more information.

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