Evaluation of Suppliers
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  • Delivery control of suppliers?

  • Quality Control?

  • Non-compliance with delivery dates?

Evaluation of Suppliers

How to measure a correct evaluation of the supplier’s performance

The evaluation of suppliers is included within the requirements of the ISO 9001 STANDARD as a fundamental part of a correct management of the purchasing processes. This process has as main objectives:

  • Guaranteeing the supply of materials and/or services, both in dates and quantities, necessary for the proper functioning of the company’s activity.
  • Ensuring that the products meet the established quality requirements.
  • Achieving the most competitive cost among the different available offers.

Evaluacion de ProveedoresWhat processes should be evaluated and measured for a correct evaluation of suppliers?


  1. Delivery: compliance of promised date of delivery against actual date of reception of the good or service. Compliance with amounts requested against the amounts finally received.
  2. Quality: compliance of the actual specifications of the product or service with the specifications contracted.
  3. Cost: control of historical cost by supplier, evolution of the same, control of differences received against cross-check.

From Neteris we want to accompany our clients throughout the process to make the best evaluation of the supplier’s performance.

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