Neteris sponsors paracanoe athlete Elena Ayuso

Madrid, April 5, 2017 – Neteris, a management consulting and information systems company, links its brand to the Extremaduran paracanoe athlete, Elena Ayuso, to jointly champion the principles and core values of both: effort, integration, equality, respect, ability to overcome and sportsmanship.

Elena Ayuso is a sportswoman from Extremadura who started canoeing at the age of 12. In 2014 she became part of the Spanish paracanoe, being a pioneer at national level. In the same year he added to his list of national titles, including two silver medals in the Spanish Cup in the absolute category of paracanoe. A year later, his autonomous community wanted to award him the Medal of Extremadura for his example of overcoming.

The paddler from Extremadura, apart from being an excellent athlete, is a great fighter for equality. She demonstrates it in events such as the one she attended last March 8 in the Extremadura Parliament on the occasion of International Women’s Day, or in her struggle to get international sports organizations to recognize not only physical disability but also intellectual disability, in order to participate in international championships.

At present, Elena Ayuso is competing in all national championships in her category with very good results such as the one obtained recently in the XXVI paracanoe championship of Extremadura held on the 4th of October.
in March, where Elena won the gold medal.

Neteris wants the athlete’s story to reach as many people as possible, as it considers her to be an admirable example and an incredible story of self-improvement that should serve as a source of inspiration for our society in general and for the business world in particular, where the sporting values that characterize Elena Ayuso’s story are fully applicable.

With this sponsorship, Neteris is committed to supporting Elena Ayuso’s sporting career so that she can reach her maximum potential. And he joins the canoeist’s fight, since from now on, both will paddle together to get the International Federation to recognize his disability as a sport and be able to compete at international level.

We wanted Neteris to be linked to the principles and values that Elena’s story exudes and it is a real pleasure for us to be able to contribute to her personal and sporting development.“comments Juan Manuel Grajera, Managing Partner of Neteris, “.Elena is an example of effort and self-improvement, a wonderful case that shows once again that perseverance at work allows us to successfully face any challenge, something that is completely applicable to the business world.“.

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