Neteris reinforces its commitment to Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC)

  • Neteris, which already has 3 live references of the product, intensifies its commitment to the product by using it in use cases associated with Master Data management, a very common problem that OIC covers with great solvency.
  • Gartner places Oracle Integration Cloud in the Leaders segment in its Magic Quadrant for iPaaS solutions.

Madrid, March 22, 2022. Neteris , a company specialized in the implementation of CLOUD solutions oriented to the digitalization of business processes and one of Oracle’s most prominent partners in our country, has just announced that it is strengthening its commitment to the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), Oracle’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution, which offers 3 fully complementary solutions in one:

  • Workflows & Business Process Modeling and Automation
  • Online Application Integration through +80 Native Adapters
  • Construction of user forms with Visual Builder CLOUD.

After to evaluate this solution, Gartner has recognized Oracle and its OIC platform as one of the leaders in their magic quadrant of solutions iPaaS (Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service), thanks to its high execution capacity and the complete vision it offers of the business environment, together with players such as Informática or Mulesoft.

Key features of Oracle Integration Cloud Service: Automation and Integration

Automation facilitates that any process, such as the registration of an article or a new employee, is carried out in an optimal, simple and organized way, facilitating at all times the traceability, process governance and associated information.

This is Oracle’s iPaaS solution, which allows you to automate your organization’s workflows from the cloud, as well as a powerful application integration engine with more than 80 native adapters and a modern form generator via Visual Builder .

Integration with third parties, thanks to its native connectors and compatibility with universal technologies, it facilitates online integration between OIC processes and customer applications, so that, for example, the value of a drop-down in an OIC form displays values obtained directly from the corporate ERP, which drastically minimizes maintenance and maximizes use cases.

Qué Neteris brings to the table

The methodology developed by Neteris for the implementation of ICOs covers, during the development of each business process, aspects such as:

  • Process Design and Modeling (BPMN 2.0).
  • Online Application Integration via Web Services, SOAP, API REST, etc, to govern your data “end to end” through your different systems, wherever they are.
  • Design of modern forms that greatly improve your users’ experience with business processes.
  • Business rules coding, process notifications and alerts
  • Absence manager to redirect workflows in case of vacations or absences of the different actors of the process.
  • Process analytics .

The improvements obtained thanks to the implementation of this solution are clearly reflected in the day-to-day work of companies, regardless of their sector. OIC enables faster connection of internal and third-party systems, accelerating return on investment while achieving system integration and process automation.

This facilitates end-to-end process modernization, enabling KPIs across processes and applications to minimize delays, optimize operations, avoid costly errors and reduce audit overhead.

In the words of Juan Manuel Grajera Managing Director of NeterisOIC has enabled our customers to solve various problems related to master data management, automation of repetitive tasks and application integration, significantly reducing the operating costs associated with them. It is a solution of enormous potential that also allows incorporating RPA technology, so that certain activities of a process can be performed by BOTS fully integrated into the solution, taking another step towards Hyper-Automation and opening unlimited use cases of the product”.

Among the sectors in which Neteris has already implemented this solution, the following stand out chemical and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and food and beverage. Important companies in our country, which are taking advantage of the experience of Neteris in the implementation of this iPaaS solution for the automation and integration of systems and business processes.

Among some of the improvement data that these companies have achieved is a reduction of more than six times in the time taken to register products.

More information and download a case study:

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