Neteris implements a solution to improve intercompany management and financial consolidation at Univergy, a Spanish-Japanese Renewable Energy group.

  • With the solution implemented by Neteris, Univergy has improved the management of its SPVs, and therefore, its productivity and analytical capacity.

Madrid, 07 May 2019. – Univergy has relied on Neteris a company specialized in the implementation of business management and optimization solutions, for the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign, ERP Cloud that will improve its analytical capabilities, increasing the productivity of its processes, and optimizing the management of information and data security.

Created in 2012, Univergy has two main offices in Tokyo and Madrid and since its inception, has experienced significant growth, positioning itself as a global developer of sustainable projects, with offices in countries around the world, and commercial presence in virtually every continent.

Spain at the forefront of renewables

After four years of stagnation in renewable energies, Spain is once again at the forefront of the most ambitious countries in the energy transition. As a result, Spanish renewables face a much clearer and more competitive horizon. The management of companies working with Renewable Energies is not simple, since the operation is carried out through the registration of companies created as independent entities (SPV’s) for specific projects within the field of renewable energies: solar, wind, biomass and hydro.

Main challenges

The Univergy Group, which is developing a project portfolio of more than 2.6 GW in total worldwide and currently has plans in several communities in our country. He is facing a number of challenges, one of which is

One of the most important is the digitalization of processes, in order to improve efficiency in the management area. They were looking for a single, integrated data and a system that would allow the traceability of information and improve the planning, budgetary control and financing of their projects.

To respond to these needs, Univergy ‘s managers analyzed the market looking for an ERP in a cloud environment, and opted for Neteris and the SAP Business ByDesign solution, a standard, cloud, scalable, collaborative, mobile technology with powerful embedded analytics.


Thanks to Neteris, the Univergy group now has a system capable of controlling all the company’s processes, automating transactions between group companies and exploiting the information in decision-making. A tool that facilitates the scalability of your virtualized systems, quickly and easily, minimizing evolutionary maintenance costs and ensuring the competitiveness of your parent company and your SPVs.

In the words of Ignacio Romero, General Manager of Neteris, “The project has been a great success, from now on Univergy has a platform to face, in the best conditions, its growth and internationalization plans, having reliable information about the business, improving the quality of the information, for example, in relation to monthly closings, cash management, etc. Taking into account both the corporate model and the rest of locations“.

Since the start-up, Univergy has increased the efficiency of the different processes throughout the organization with the integration of data from different areas, avoiding duplication of information and lack of consistency, which has led to a decrease in both errors and administrative work.