Neteris implements a perfect management solution for renewable energy companies at Nara Solar

  • Neteris has designed a solution, based on SAP Business ByDesign, with which Nara Solar has improved its analytical capabilities and its intercompany management, thus increasing its productivity.

Madrid, May 29, 2019.Nara Solarthe new European platform for solar development, has decided to invest in Neterisa company specializing in the implementation of business management and optimization solutions, for the development of a solution based on SAP Business ByDesignThis will improve your analytical capabilities, increase the productivity of your processes, and optimize the collection and exploitation of information and data security.

Nara Solar, the result of a joint venture between the Spanish-Japanese business group, Univergy International, a major player in the renewable energy sector, and Green Investment Group. (GIG), specializes in the development of early stage solar photovoltaic energy projects for both small and large utility companies and public organizations and is headquartered in Madrid, from where it operates in Europe, developing an initial portfolio of more than 700MW in Spain, France and the Netherlands.

Spain at the forefront of renewable energy investment

Our country is currently leading Europe in terms of investment and the creation of companies in the renewable energy and energy transition sector. As a result, Spanish renewables face a much clearer and more competitive horizon. However, the management of companies working with Renewable Energies is not simple, as it is not always easy.

that the operation is carried out through the registration of companies created as independent entities (SPV’s) for specific projects within the field of renewable energies: solar, wind, biomass and hydro.

The European market offers significant opportunities for PV development, with more than 93GW of new solar power capacity expected to be installed across Europe between 2018 and 2022, with more than 8GW in Spain, representing an annual growth rate in Spain of 21%.

Strategic needs

Nara Solar needed a system that would allow them to digitize their management and integrate, in a single platform, the different business processes, centralizing both the updating of information and access to it, improving the execution time and efficiency of all processes and activities. A multi-partnership system that would allow them to manage the SPV’s that the company creates for specific solar energy projects.

To respond to these needs, Neteris proposed a solution based on SAP Business ByDesign . It is a standard technology, cloud, scalable, collaborative, mobile and with embedded analytics, which will allow Nara Solar to have a system with the capacity to control all the processes of the company and use the information in decision making.

These needs respond, as Yago Acón, CEO of Nara Solar, points out, “to the needs of our the strong growth of the European solar market, which will mean a period of significant growth, especially in Spain, where falling costs have stimulated an awakening of the industry. It is an important moment to be prepared for with the creation of a new solar development platform that will generate new investment opportunities and help stimulate the growth of solar energy across Europe.“.


Thanks to Neteris, Nara Solar has a SaaS (software as a service) tool that facilitates the scalability of its business processes, quickly and easily, minimizing evolutionary maintenance costs and ensuring the company’s competitiveness. In addition, it will have a platform to face its growth and internationalization plans, with reliable information on the business, improving the quality of the information in relation to monthly closings, thus homogenizing the company’s processes and taking into account both the corporate model and the locations of each country.

Ignacio Blanco, CEO of UNIVERGY International, one of the two companies that have created Nara Solar, pointed out that “in this way, Univergy intends, with more strength, thanks to the creation of “Nara Solar”, to further consolidate its establishment and presence in Europe, after its consolidated presence in Spain, France and Holland, where it has the means and a stable structure for the development of large renewable projects with its own offices.“.

Ignacio Romero, Managing Director of Neteris, “As an organization, renewables need to benchmark, aggregate information between companies and between businesses and have reliable auditing systems, gain productivity in their processes and above all, improve their analytical capabilities, so they need to have a management software that supports all this, and SAP ByDesign has achieved it in Nara Solar.“.

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