Neteris helps Ontruck integrate group financials into a single ERP Cloud with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Ontruck you can manage all relevant information about your customers y suppliers and access the financial statements of the group from different business areas (sales, operations, marketing, marketing, saless, finance), indispensable prerequisite for a company to be able to transportation.

Madrid, September 5, 2018. – Neteris, an expert company in projects for the implementation of technological solutions for Transformation and Digitalization and SAPSilver Partner, has been chosen by Ontruck for the implementation of the platform SAP Business ByDesign platform to coordinate and make the most of its regional freight transport services.

Ontruck had an offline accounting system in Spain. As the company has grown, there was a need for greater internal control, as well as the ability to directly access or enter data into a single system. In addition, the opening of the subsidiary in the United Kingdom at the beginning of this year, and the expected opening of other subsidiaries in the coming months, have highlighted the need to have all departmental and company systems unified.

In the words of Jaime Medina, Head of Finance at Ontruck: “We are proud to say that we have a very strong and successful business.After an analysis of the market, we chose SAP, especially because of its expertise in the transportation and distribution sector. SAP’s reputation and dominance in the industry are undisputed, which led us to finally go with SAP Business ByDesign SAP Business ByDesign, the most appropriatesolution for our size of company, because of its functionalities and ability to support our future growth“.

Company integration

The main objective of the project implemented by Neteris in Ontruck has been to integrate all the new companies of the group that will be created under a single ERP Cloud, which is crucial to present understandable consolidated accounts, since Ontruck performs many intercompany transactions and invoices.

Moreover, Ontruck aims to automate all processes (e.g., collection tracking), which will reduce the time spent on tasks that were previously performed manually, as well as eliminate errors. It will also facilitate access to relevant information from the areas of sales, operations and financial management, whether from customers, suppliers or financial statements.

Main challenges

The implementation of SAP Business ByDesign by Neteris will improve the quality of Ontruck’s information, which will help them improve their accounting. In addition, automating part of its processes will necessarily imply the redesign of many of them, both in terms of time and responsibilities, which will improve its efficiency.

Finally, it should be noted that this project will have to be completed quickly in order to be able to start the financial management of the new fiscal year on the new platform.


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