Neteris helps IT8 engineering to improve the consolidation of different companies with the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign

  • Thank you a the Solution implemented by Neteris, IT8 will improve your business your business thanks to a multidimensional multidimensional

Madrid, September 13, 2018.- Neteris, an expert company in implementation projects of technological solutions for Digital Transformation and SAPSilver Partner, has launched, in the Spanish mechanical, electrical engineering and programming company IT8, a project, based on the solution SAP Business ByDesign .

The ERP Cloud chosen by IT8, responded perfectly to the multi-dimensional structure that IT8 needed to manage both the parent company and existing and future subsidiaries. The dimensions of group, company, cost centers, profit centers and projects will be defined, being able to trace and analyze income and expenses at all these levels.

At words of Ignacio Romero Co-Founder and Managing Director of Neteris From the beginning, we had no hesitation in recommending SAP Business ByDesign to IT8, as it was perfect for their size and business problems. real-time analysis of consolidated of consolidated data of the different companies in the same the same system without going through external tools such as Excel, giving themgiving themthus giving them greater control greater control over the processes.

Main expected benefits

IT8 has opted for SAP Business ByDesign mainly because of the analytical improvement that the organizational structure of SAP’s ERP Cloud will bring them.

The implementation in the different IT8 subsidiaries (US, DE, MX) will allow a homogenization of processes, providing the company with better visibility and the ability to make comparisons that were not possible until now. The fact that accounting is supported by a single system will improve control over subsidiaries and decision-making capacity.

Thanks to the implementation of SAP Business by Design by Neteris, IT8 will automate processes that until now were managed outside the system or manually.

Benefits of a Single Source with Single Data

Following the implementation project of SAP’s innovative ERP Cloud implementation over the next 3 months, IT8 will improve the integration between project, purchasing, sales and accounting processes significantly. Thanks to the single data view and the relationship between modules, productivity, analytical and decision-making capabilities will be improved and the possibility of error will be reduced.

From SAP Business by Design IT8 will manage processes in a collaborative manner, with the system itself governing approval flows efficiently and ensuring information consistency.