Neteris celebrates its first anniversary as a local specialist in northern Spain

  • Neteris established an office in Galicia with the objective of making its services known in the area, transforming development requests into valuable solutions and having a greater availability of resources and technologies.

Madrid, December 14, 2016 – Neteris, management and information systems consultancy, celebrates the first anniversary of its Neteris Solution Factory Galicia, a site inaugurated last January to promote the company’s services as a local specialist in Northern Spain.

The reasons for this location were several: its industrial fabric, its technology centers and the investment in R&D&I of the autonomous community. In addition, it has the incentive of being an area close to the Portuguese market, which provides high added value for the company. The entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism and talent that the community exudes were also strong arguments that made Neteris decide to expand its
services in northern Spain.

As a result of this set of advantages, Neteris Solution Factory has been able to integrate into the company’s operations in record time and has been able to successfully convert projects of high technological complexity.

The Galician office has proven to bring great value in very relevant areas for Neteris, such as supply chain planning and execution solutions, where they have a high level of expertise that has translated into effective solutions for Neteris customers.

Currently, the work of this group of people is focused on covering end-to-end business solutions oriented to different sectors of activity, highlighting those related to industrial and distribution companies. In addition, it has specialized in transversal solutions for content management, process automation and business intelligence.

The headquarters’ objective this year has been to provide valuable solutions to its customers and to offer greater availability of resources and technologies in order to improve the quality offered to customers and, therefore, their satisfaction.

It has been a very positive year for Neteris in many respects. We have managed to integrate the operation in a very satisfactory manner. Thanks to the human capital we have incorporated and the portfolio of new services, our customers are benefiting from high value-added solutions.“said Ignacio Romero, Neteris General Manager.

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