Neteris adds value to Oracle’s new analytics tool

  • This solution makes it possible to analyze and present information graphically and visually “for all audiences”.

Madrid, January 17, 2017 – Neteris, a management and information systems consultancy, presents Oracle’s new data analytics solution, Oracle Data Visualization.

Oracle Data Visualization is a new product framed within Oracle’s Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) suite, which brings analytics closer to the different management lines of the company. Thanks to the power of intelligent visual analysis, the most essential information of an organization is available to everyone, regardless of the department or position that uses it in the company.

The solution enables business data to be analyzed and presented with instant clarity through the use of a powerful visual analysis engine. It also offers the ability to perform multi-level data exploration in a very simple way including self-service and self-service capabilities.

Thanks to the potential of this technology, any business user can perform the exploitation, analysis and presentation of business reports through intuitive wizards without the need for technical or IT profiles, something that greatly speeds up the decision-making process and therefore facilitates the provision of value.

Neteris, as a highly experienced consultant in Oracle Solutions implementation projects, as well as other applications and technology oriented to optimize and digitalize business processes, will help you implement this technology quickly and efficiently, without hidden costs, through an implementation methodology that focuses on rapid internal adoption and the achievement of business objectives.“Juan Manuel Grajera Muñoz, Partner at Neteris, comments. Neteris experts advise and provide much more as:

  • Apply industry best practices in data analysis.
  • To teach how to define and implement sectorial KPIs within the solution.
  • Accompany in the diffusion and use of the solution within your organization.
  • Establish a balanced data governance model that enables the discovery of trends and patterns.
  • Cultivate data discovery skills through the Visual Analysis tool.
  • Reinforce the training of your team and strengthen collaboration between business and IT.

Finally, Neteris offers a “Value Proposition” of the solution:

  • Easy and attractive visual analysis. Oracle Data Visualization combines drag-and-drop ease with a powerful analysis tool, making it easy to blend, visualize, and gain new insights from your data.
  • Anywhere, anytime. Oracle Data Visualization is ideal for organizations that need to access their data through a mobile solution. This solution provides complete autonomy on any device, allowing users to instantly access data wherever they are.
  • Individual interactive reports (self-service). It allows end users to create new reports from scratch or modify existing ones without help from the technical department.
  • Data fusion. It allows you to incorporate multiple external data sets to the current corporate information, such as loading spreadsheets with additional measures or attributes to create your own visualizations.
  • Predictive analytics. Thanks to the deployment of built-in predictive capabilities, anyone can analyze and view trend lines and other visual elements in a single click, and extend their analysis using the R distribution (statistical language).
  • Spatial Intelligence; map-based visualizations. It allows users to visualize their data using maps, giving added value to business intelligence by allowing information to be segmented by geographic coordinates.

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