Neteris accompanies Amifar Laboratorios in its migration to the cloud, to support its international expansion.

Neteris has implemented in Amifar Laboratorios an ERP solution with its Cloud infrastructure, complemented with a powerful analytical layer based on Oracle technology.

Madrid, May 15, 2021. Neteris a company specializing in the implementation of business management and optimization solutions, has launched at Amifar Laboratories a project aimed at accompanying laboratories in the migration of their business processes and analytics to the cloud.

Amifar Laboratorios is a Spanish pharmaceutical group dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of beauty products for skin care and is present in several markets, such as the pharmaceutical market, with the brand Bimaio, and in the consumer market, whose main customer is Mercadona.

Strategic needs of Amifar Laboratories

The company needed an ERP in the cloud that would cover its daily operational and functional needs, which would also provide them with good data analysis and agility in decision making, in order to continue working on their strategic plan.

Amifar Laboratories was looking for a cloud solution with an enterprise approach and within the technology market, sufficiently proven and offering the security to build on it their processes and analytics in the cloud. In addition, they needed to standardize their business model at all levels (sales, manufacturing, operations, etc.), adapting to the specific regulations of each of the countries in which the company has and will have a presence, thus accelerating their capacity for both organic and inorganic expansion.

In order to respond to these needs and requirements, Neteris opted for the following solutions Oracle Cloud Infrastructure y Oracle Analytics Cloud . Both platforms allow to have the information at the moment, and in a single system with which to obtain reports in real time and from anywhere, to make strategic and operative decisions at the moment they are needed.


The implementation of these solutions has brought Amifar Laboratorios a number of benefits as part of its business transformation project. Among which we would like to highlight:

  • Reducing the cost of your operations and simplifying them.
  • Reduced risk, increased efficiency and scalability of your business processes.
  • The ability to innovate much faster, and to optimizetime to market.
  • Improve the interaction experience with both customers and employees.
  • Obtaining reliable, real-time business metrics to aid agile decision making in all areas of the business.
  • The ability to fully integrate with other partners and third-party applications needed to operate the business, and not only in Spain.

In the words of Jorge Mariscal, Director of Operations of Amifar Laboratories, “Oracle’s solution has given us the operational and predictive analysis capabilities, as it allows us to build scenarios that simulate different business behaviors, to optimize the decisions we need to make before possible changes, something that not all analytical solutions in the market have.“.

With respect to the experience with Neteris, Jorge Mariscal points out, “have led all functional areas of the process digitization and analytics project by understanding and applying the key business drivers of AmifarThey have done so in the 10 months they committed to and within the budget agreed at the beginning, with no deviations, which is of great value in a project of this complexity.

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