IT Infrastructure: Implementation of OCI at Keyter-Intarcon

  • Neteris implements Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the Keyter-Intarcon group.
  • Keyter-Intarcon leverages the full potential of its ERP within Oracle’s IT Cloud infrastructure.

Madrid, May 18, 2020.– Keyter-Intarcon, a group that develops air conditioning equipment and solutions for the industrial refrigeration sector, has opted for Neteris to move its ERP to the cloud through theIT infrastructureas an Oracle Service (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, OCI), to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the cloud solution: agility, speed, performance and security, in addition to a significant reduction in infrastructure costs.

Keyter-Intarconwas born from the union of the development projects of industrial air conditioning equipment and the cold sector with applications in hospitality, cold chain and industry in general, with a team and professional experience of over 30 years in the design, manufacture, marketing and services. Its products are marketed in more than 40 countries in Europe, North Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Benefits of investing in Cloud

Cloud investment has become a strategic pillar of business transformation. Fast-growing companies need technology solutions that enable them to make the right decisions. Therefore, the importance of being agile to react quickly is already an added value for organizations. However, cloud investment remains a dilemma for many companies that need to reduce costs and increase agility.

Companies considering deploying enterprise applications of any kind, or transitioning existing applications to the cloud, should be aware of thebenefits of next-generation cloud solutionssuch as flexibility, agility, cost reduction, security and the ability to scale quickly.

The Project and its implementation

Keyter-Intarcon’s ERP implementation project in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been carried out with the support of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.on success in 11 monthsDuring this time, the areas of Finance, Purchasing, Sales and Manufacturing have been implemented, all supported by the Oracle cloud, obtaining performance, security and availability for their business processes that would be difficult to achieve in “On Premise” scenarios.

Oracle’s IaaS infrastructure is designed and built to serve business and mission-critical applications.

AsJavier Fernandez, Keyter-Intarcon’s It Director, points out, “We have a very good reputation.previous experience with Neteris, made us choose it again to implement the ERP in the cloud. The confidence was absolute and we knew the improvements they had incorporated into the product. By the end of the project, expectations had been fully met.”

For Neteris, asJuan Manuel Grajera, Managing Partner of the company, says,“it is very important to understand thepotential benefits of the cloud.But it is much more important to know how to relate those benefits to the business objectives. At Neteris we are experts in transitioning to the cloud in the most appropriate way that each company can assume.”

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