How new technologies help companies move towards Industry 4.0, according to Neteris

  • New technologies to facilitate the path towards Industry 4.0 was the leitmotiv of the event organized by Neteris last Thursday, October 6 under the title “Industry 4.0 and my ERP system”.

Madrid, October 14, 2016 – Neteris, a management and information systems consultancy, held an event on October 6 on how new technologies help companies overcome new industrial challenges. Some 70 managers and professionals from different sectors attended the event and shared experiences on real success stories showing how Industry 4.0 can be achieved through the transformation and digitization of business processes.

It was Ignacio Romero, Director of Neteris, who began the day by introducing attendees to the services that Neteris offers companies to increase their performance and boost their competitiveness, as well as the new vision of Industry 4.0, in which new technological trends come into play such as: Big Data, Hyperconnectivity, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things or M2M and MES.among others.

Next, Vodafone Spain’s Director of Strategy, David Sola, spoke about how Vodafone Spain is carrying out its digital transformation to become a “total digital” company.“If we take advantage of the benefits that technology gives us, we can anticipate customer needs.”

The third speaker was Ignacio Llopis, Business Development Director at IoTsens, who gave a presentation on the Internet of Things revolution using a Smart City as an example. He showed the usefulness of using sensors connected to devices to understand the possibilities and value that this type of solution brings to the traditional industry market. And it concluded with a real-time demo in which a sensor, upon reaching a certain marked level (in this case it was a container), sent the pick-up order to the carrier, optimizing its route and creating a sales order directly in the ERP.

Following the demo, Juan Manuel Grajera, Managing Partner of Neteris, showed how all business processes can be digitized, integrated and synchronized through events by consumption patterns and monitored in real time. “As a final reflection of this part, we can say that the technology is mature but we need to understand how to apply this technology to the reality of each company. This is how each company will be able to follow
moving towards industry 4.0

To talk about industrial systems for automatic and integrated management of production, under the premise: “From the physical world to business decisions in real time” attended the Commercial Director of AETech, Xevi Giménez Sagué. He explained a success story from the logistics sector in which the convergence between IT and automation of industrial processes has led them to improve their operations, reduce costs, have real-time information and ensure service quality.

The last presentation was by Eugenio Sacristán, ERP Practice Manager at Neteris, who spoke about Smart Components, the value proposition that Neteris offers so that companies can continue to evolve towards Industry 4.0. In fact, he talked about 8 real use cases of companies that have managed to improve their performance and become more efficient thanks to different Smart Components. “We no longer work in the same way as before, we relate to customers, suppliers and partners in a different way. This forces us to reinvent our processes to make them smarter and more efficient. If we put this into practice, we will be able to have more profitable companies.“.

To close the day, the director of Neteris, Ignacio Romero, gave some recommendations for embarking on the journey towards Industry 4.0. “At Neteris we have been helping companies for 15 years and we have already accompanied them on their way to digital transformation. The fourth industrial revolution has already arrived and if companies do not want to be left behind, they must start as soon as possible because business processes and value chains are already being transformed.“.

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