SAP Business ByDesign Functionalities
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SAP Business ByDesign functionalities

Meet the best ERP in the Cloud for your industry, business line and company size

Functionalities according to your department

Project management
Manage projects of any size and complexity. Facilitate collaboration and make it easy for your teams to manage, provide and monitor projects in real time.

  • Improve the efficiency of project management.

  • Have a positive impact on project delivery.

  • Operate projects more profitably.

Get a real-time view of your financial situation, optimize your central accounting processes and better manage cash and liquidity

  • Financial and management accounting

Manage accounts for operating units, currencies and multiple information standards.

  • Cash flow management

Use transaction data from customers and suppliers to obtain real-time visibility of your cash position.

Modulos SAP ByD v4Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your marketing, sales and service processes expertly; and direct customer loyalty.

  • Marketing

Use personalized information about customers to achieve more effective campaigns, generation and qualification of opportunities and transfers of sales teams.

  • Sales

Get full automation of the sales force and improve account management, from contact interactions to billing.

  • Service

Equip employees with the tools and strategic information they need to provide superior service and increase customer satisfaction.

Human Resources (RR. HH.)

Optimize human resources processes such as organization management, workforce administration, time, assistance and employee self-service.

  • Onboarding

Simplify employee onboarding and give employees and managers easy access to all relevant information

  • Time, assistance and workforce management

Manage time, labour and compensation more effectively.

  • Human resources self-services.

Empower employees to self-manage time spreadsheets, purchasing processes and personal information.

  • Payroll

Facilitate payroll processing and take advantage of third party payroll interfaces.

  • Requests and approvals

Create and monitor purchase orders and automated approvals in compliance with regulations.


Empower employees with self-service purchase features to save time and money. Centralize provider information and negotiate better deals.

  • Supply

Maintain a central database of suppliers and product information, so that you can negotiate better prices and manage multiple contacts with suppliers.

  • Procurement

Optimize your company’s purchasing activities and provide real-time information to your buyers, so that they can negotiate better prices.

SAP FuncionalidadesSupply Chain Management (SCM)

Improve the efficiency of the supply chain with an improved match between supply and demand, and increase flexibility by optimizing collaboration with customers and suppliers.

  • Product development

Accelerate time to market, and ensure that the product design meets customer specifications.

  • SCM configuration

Get a clear view of your networks and supply designs for supply chain modelling.

  • Planning and control

Control material flows with an exception-based approach to purchasing planning.

  • Manufacturing, storage and logistics

Efficiently produce high quality products, better manage production and automate related processes.


Functionalities by company size

Upper middle market business

SAP Business ByDesign helps midsize businesses take advantage of new opportunities, adapt quickly to change and improve overall business performance. SAP Cloud software is available globally and supports changes in business models, international expansions and success in new markets.

  • On-demand: ready to operate wherever you are.

  • Insightful: empower your people with real-time analytics.

  • Expandable: adapts to the needs of your business.

  • Intuitive: improves adoption and user productivity.

  • Mobile: provides access to business information at any time and place.

  • Global: in operation in more than 90 countries.

Subsidiaries of large companies
Maximize visibility, efficiency and control in all your subsidiaries with a single ERP application. Our two-level and cloud-based business management software is ideally suited to large companies with sales, distribution or service subsidiaries. It fluently combines the resources and stability of your corporate office with the flexibility and local strategic information of your branches

  • Manage multiple subsidiaries according to each of your needs, structures and exclusive processes.

  • Minimize the cost and effort involved in adding, eliminating and managing subsidiaries.

  • Improve integration and collaboration between your business organization and subsidiaries.

  • Get up and running quickly, and avoid the necessary capital outlays for on-premise software.


SAP ByDesign benefits according to your industry


Get an integrated and real-time view of your manufacturing operations and optimize your entire process to reduce costs and meet customer needs faster.

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency by optimizing and integrating processes.

  • Simplify the management of new sales channels, channel partners and markets.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a 360 degree view of each customer.

Professional services

Integrate and automate your professional services processes, including finance, customer management, projects and more.

  • Obtain visibility of your projects in real time, from planning to project execution.

  • Develop the right services, ensure timely delivery and double your success.

  • Address your services with more strategic information about the life cycle of customers.

  • Differentiate your company by planning and delivering maximum customer value.

  • Evaluate the performance of projects and clients to help you meet the objectives of your portfolio.

Wholesale distribution

Accurately project demand and adapt and execute quickly to achieve lower inventory costs and greater customer satisfaction

  • Project demand to optimize supply and ensure performance.

  • Obtain visibility of your supply chain and track the delivery of products with long delivery times.

  • Reduce operating costs while optimizing inventory levels and working capital.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, despite the competition of price-centric companies.

  • Present a single face to customers throughout your business, regardless of the channel or region.


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