Data Visualization
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Data Visualization

Visual Analysis of data, information and predictions

Oracle Data Visualization is the product framed within the Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) of Oracle suite, which brings the analytics to the different lines of management of the company. Thanks to the capability of intelligent visual analysis, the most essential information of an organisation is available to everyone, regardless of the department or office that uses it within the company.

In addition, our Neteris experts provide:

  1. Applying the best practices of the sector in data analysis.
  2. Teaching how to define and implement sectorial KPIs within the solution.
  3. Serving in the diffusion and use of the solution within your Organisation.
  4. Establishing a balanced data governance model that allows the discovery of trends and patterns.
  5. Cultivating data discovery skills through the Visual Analysis tool.
  6. Reinforcing the training of your team and strengthening the collaboration between business and IT.


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