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Digital transformation in the Retail Sector

The retail sector has undergone a significant transformation in the last decade mainly due to changes in consumption habits and the adoption of new technologies and solutions for Retail.

Retailers respond to these changes by re-defining their business strategies and distributing their weight between positioning, online sales and point-of-sale.

compras2_pixabayThe main reasons that identify users to buy online are:

  • To buy 24 × 7 (18%)
  • Get better prices (15%)
  • Avoid travel (14%)
  • Ease to compare similar products (8%).

On the other hand, the advantages that users identify to buy at the point osector-retail-neteris-aplicaciones-movilesf sale are:

  • View, touch and test the product (37%)
  • Have it immediately (17%)
  • Greater certainty of the adequacy of the product to the needs (12%)
  • Ease of return (10%)
  • Greater user experience (18%)

Both scenarios offer great potential for retailers able to unite the best of both worlds thanks to the implementation of technological solutions that accompany Digital Transformation for Retail.

Smart points of sale connected with the buyer in the store are already a reality through mobile applications that suggest, in real time, the best product based on your profile, previous consumptions, targeted recommendation or current promotions. To reduce decision time, guide the store to find the product and offer different alternatives or promotions. Would you like to have something like that?

Likewise, online sales have focused on a less impulsive and more informed buyer based on two pillars: improving the connected user experience and achieving operational excellence. This allows you to compete with the point of sale and handle similar delivery and return times.

The 2016-2020 period will be characterized by digital competition, and those who channel technology to improve user needs will become market leaders.

At Neteris we have been working for years on developing technology and solutions for the retail sector that improve the competitiveness of our customers and allow them to compete in a better market in a more demanding market. If you want to know how we have helped other companies in your sector, contact us.

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