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Purchasing Portal

Increase productivity by implementing a Purchasing Portal

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In a current purchasing department they spend 88% of the time of purchasing processes on purely administrative tasks: creation of contests and publication, sending orders or contract management, and only 12% for added value tasks.

These days, technology allows to automate and centralise these processes to simplify decision making, and thus increase the productivity ratios in the departments. This frees up resources for the buyer and allows him to use them to improve the competitiveness of the company through the improvement in relations with strategic suppliers and more effectively controlling the purchase cycles.

Discover our purchasing portal solutions that will help you manage the spending cycle in a comprehensive manner. For this, in Neteris we have experts and an innovative NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions). If you want to know what solutions we have available for your company, analysing the possible variables, please request more information.

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