Plant maintenance and Industrial Technology
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  • Do you want to plan the supply of spare parts, beyond the immediate need?

  • Do you need to budget maintenance costs, spare parts, labour, tools and tooling, subcontracting of services, etc.?

  • Do you manage the suppliers’ warranty of purchased equipment?

  • And the warranty offered in the sale of your products to customers?

Plant maintenance and Industrial Technology

Maintenance of industrial equipment

Keeping industrial equipment running in a controlled, reliable way, and aligned with production needs, is the main objective for the business.
This premise seems simple enough, but the management of assets of any manufacturer is a complex task that requires industrial technology. The scenario is complicated when multiple variables converge, such as:

  • tecnologia industrialThe volume and complexity of the equipment (hierarchies).
  • The tools and tooling needed.
  • Maintenance of spare parts inventory.
  • The agility required in production to minimise downtime.
  • The management of purchases and service providers.
  • The lack of management personnel for information management.

The maintenance of industrial equipment must also meet other added value requirements such as: the anticipation of problems to extend the useful life of the assets, the management of the actual costs incurred and the budgets. These are clear examples of the need for a support tool to:

  1. Avoid costly non-planned unproductive downtime.
  2. Gradually expand the software requirement according to your need, from the management of inevitable corrective maintenance, preventive, to predictive maintenance.
  3. Automate maintenance tasks through connection with PLC, MES systems, etc.
  4. Anticipate compliance with security regulations.
  5. Improve equipment productivity, organising daily work, reducing manual work, and therefore reducing labour costs through efficiency.
  6. Plan and monitor the workload of the department by equipment or by individual.

The analysis of failures becomes a fundamental process that will reduce maintenance costs and will detect in time the problems that may arise in our equipment.

From Neteris we work for an optimal maintenance in plant and industrial equipment maintenance, getting preventive and corrective solutions. If you want to take your company one step further, get to know our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) and request more information.

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