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  • What impact will the increase in the exchange rate have on my financial statements?

  • Is it profitable to move the manufacture of this product to the Autol factory?

  • What financing needs will we have for the investments contemplated in the strategic plan approved by the board?


Digitisation of budgeting and financial planning

According to the “Finance Priorities Survey” of the Financial Executives Research Foundation, 72% of the finance directors consulted identified financial planning as the top priority work area in 2015.

Currently, more than 90% of businesses carry out these processes with office automation tools, without traceability of changes and without the possibility of managing it collaboratively and across the company.

83% of the respondents take as a basis to prepare the budget the previous year (transferring inefficiencies the following year), recognising great limitations to update it to changes in the variables that impact their financial statements, and difficulties in detecting and interpreting the deviations. All this hinders the anticipation of risks and opportunities and decision making.

In Neteris we are aware of these challenges and have created financial planning and budgeting solutions packaged end-to-end and totally configurable to your reality and sector of activity.

If you are immersed in this problem, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

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