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  • Mobile Business: trend or essential aspect in business strategy?

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Mobile Solutions

Technological mobile solutions for an increase in production


Facilitating Mobile Business is a vital aspect of accessing new business opportunities. To this effect, it is necessary to strategically select what technological mobile solutions will be applied. The goal is to achieve a precise multi-platform development, according to the needs of the client.

Transform the company by focusing on its mobility, optimize its resources to the maximum and achieve outstanding efficiency in all its processes. In this way, we achieve greater growth and precision in the operation of the main segments that make up the organization, flexibility of use is the key. Relying on Neteris, all stages of the transition to technological mobile solutions are covered, from strategy design and conceptualization, to process mobilization and performance testing, to mobile applications.

Among the alternatives to achieve adoption of mobility in the context of the Organization, Neteris emphasizes CLOUD, that is, the tendency to take to the Cloud most of the solutions, or at least those that are feasible, and that currently your company manages On Premise to take advantage of the “mobile” capabilities implicitly offered by the CLOUD model and thus expand mobility to your business applications.

For the launch of a global enterprise mobile strategy, more ambitious technology solutions like the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, a complete service for the development, management and monitoring of all corporate mobile applications that not only offers the development framework and multitude of integration components, but the ability to fully manage the entire life cycle and evolution of mobile applications under a pay-per-use format, in which CAPEX will completely eliminate the investment.

If you want to learn more about how to start to extend mobility in your Organization, do not hesitate to contact us.

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