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M2M or IoT, the new era

Optimum management of M2M (Machine to Machine) or IoT (Internet of Things)


Internet of Things (IoT), also called Internet of Objects, and M2M (Machine to Machine) are concepts that will change everything, including ourselves. It may seem like a bold statement, but if we think of the impact the Internet has already had on education, communication, business, science, government and humanity, it is no longer so bold.

It is clear that the Internet is one of the most important and powerful creations in the history of mankind and M2M and IoT represent the next evolution of the Internet that will make a huge advance in its ability to collect, analyze and distribute data that can become information, knowledge, and, ultimately, wisdom.

At present, the IoT is composed of a dispersed set of disparate networks designed to measure. Today’s cars, for example, have different networks to control engine performance, safety functions, communication systems, etc. Commercial and residential buildings also have several control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); telephone service; security, and lighting. As the IoT evolves, these networks and many others will connect and have more security, analysis and management functions, and this will allow the IoT to contribute more and higher quality information in order for people and organizations to achieve their objectives.

Obviously, the potential applications are endless and we want to focus on those that have to do with Industry 4.0, that is, everything related to the application of the IoT and M2M concept to build more efficient and innovative industrial companies that take advantage of the potential to integrate with your systems or Business applications (ERP, SGA, etc.) And so, channeling the result into valuable information that allows the optimization of industrial processes and, ultimately, turn them into more intelligent, productive and competitive companies.

If you are interested in the concept or you think that M2M or IoT could represent a booster in the value chain of your company, contact us, we are sure that we can provide you with interesting information, and maybe even work together on a new and exciting concept.

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