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Cloud technology or cloud services, is one of the main resources for the digital transformation of a company. Their performance provides the flexibility and accessibility necessary for a greater flow of processes and, at the same time, with a minimum initial investment cost, since they completely eliminate CAPEX from the equation. The resources provided by the cloud as servers, applications, storage, networks or services can be used on demand quickly and efficiently, minimizing management times.

It is important to have a 360º view of the Cloud environment to get all the benefits that this model can offer your company. It is essential to be familiar with the huge catalog of applications and CLOUD functionality that currently exists on the market.

Our commitment and experience are focused on the Oracle CLOUD environment, where we have references and specialized teams that can help you implement cloud solutions with minimal investment and start-up times that will invite you to extend the model in your Organization.

Below you will find the portfolio of services in the cloud that we can show you:

  1. Business Intelligence CLOUD Service, all the analytical functionality to exploit your information in the best way.
  2. CRM CLOUD Service, with which you can manage the entire life cycle of your Opportunities in a 100% Cloud and Mobile environment.
  3. ERP CLOUD, the entire operation of your Business hosted in the most secure, agile and robust CLOUD environment on the market.
  4. Planning and Financial Budgeting in CLOUD with Oracle Hyperion (PBCS), a step further in the planning concept.
  5. BPM Process Management and Automation in CLOUD with PCS, undoubtedly the solution to cross-optimize your organization and build environments of maximum collaboration.
  6. Document Management in CLOUD with Oracle Document Cloud Services, a secure solution for the management, monitoring, control and transmission of your documents.
  7. Mobile Cloud Services, a complete and integrated environment for the development, management and centralized monitoring of all your mobile applications.
  8. Marketing Automation, a perfect solution to implement demand generation models based on digital content and Inbound strategy.
  9. Talent Management, an ideal solution to help Human Resources departments with the development of their employees.

Neteris will help you understand how to deal with traditional methods. The cost reduction of the Cloud brings spectacular savings and impacts on the improvement of your organization’s IT management due to the speed of provisioning and the flexibility to adapt to the changes that the entity may experience.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above CLOUD applications, cloud services, or simply have a business need that you would like to cover with the CLOUD model but cannot find anything concrete, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are sure that we will be able to help.

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