SAP Business ByDesign Renewable Energy Solutions
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SAP Business ByDesign Renewable Energy Solutions


The growth of renewable energy throughout Europe has been continuous in recent years and all of this is aimed at ensuring that in 2020, the time known as the 20-20-20 Plan will come into effect, emissions reduction will be achieved of gases by 20%, the increase to 20% of the use of renewable energies, and the improvement of energy efficiency by 20%.

Currently, Spain has been at the head of the most ambitious countries in energy transition. Therefore, Spanish renewables face a much clearer and therefore competitive horizon.

The management of companies that work with renewable energies is not simple, since the exploitation is carried out through the registration of SPVs, companies created as independent entities for specific projects within the scope of renewable energies and that require 100% transparent management.


Management software for the specialized energy sector for the renewable energy market


Sap Business ByDesign – ERP Energías renovables

The renewable energy market in our country constituted by the SPV’s, which according to their activity are integrated into one of these three phases:

  • 1st Phase – Development: companies in charge of surveying the land

  • 2nd Phase – EPCM Construction: companies that build on viable land

  • 3rd Phase – Asset Management: those that collect the previous phases, and manage their assets.


Customized SAP solutions to optimize energy services

The SPVs must face, from the different areas of your organization, to different problems and challenges to ensure, both the service to your customers, and the development of your business, and above all, from the different areas of your organization, so who need to have software for renewable energy.

As an organization, they need to compare, add information between companies and between businesses and have reliable audit systems, gain productivity in their processes and, above all, improve their analytical capabilities, all ensuring the security of the data.


How does SAP BYD help each department?

Learn about the advantages of using one of the best ERP in the Cloud for your company, but also for each line of business that uses it internally.

Financial department: they are dynamic companies, with validity date, with intercompany process problems. They need an improvement in treasury capabilities, a multi-company, multi-currency and multi-legislation system and a 360º control of the costs and income projects and the consolidation of information. KNOW MORE.

Technical Offices: SPV’s must have collaborative tools that enhance the efficient organization of work, dynamic, customizable analytical information and segregation of roles, to ensure compliance. Have simple solutions, and whose functionality is based on user roles and a single access point to the system

Operations, processes and projects: they must have management tools for renewable energy project planning and improvement of planning, to face, in the best conditions, growth and internationalization plans, having, for this, the information in Real time about the business at all times.

To meet these needs, Neteris, a highly experienced company in Technology Solutions Implementation Projects in the renewable energy sector, has developed a complete range of services around the ERP in the SAP Business ByDesign cloud, a standard, scalable, collaborative technology, open, integral, mobile and with embedded analytics.


It is time to have a tool for the digitalization of the energy sector

Thanks to SAP Business ByDesign, companies working in the renewable energy environment have a complete, integrated and scalable management system, facilitating the joint management of group processes, streamlining decision making, streamlining and optimizing flows of work.

SAP Business ByDesign facilitates the integration of data from different areas into common repositories that avoid duplication of information and lack of consistency, as well as reducing manual errors and administrative work, integrating the same platform into a single platform. Different business processes, centralizing both the updating of information, as well as access to it and improving the execution time and efficiency of all processes and activities.

Thanks to the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign, SPVs are prepared to face, in the best conditions, their growth and internationalization plans, having timely and reliable information about the business at all times, homogenizing the company’s processes, considering both the corporate model and the locations of each country.

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