SAP Business ByDesign Finance in 45 days
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SAP Business ByDesign Finance in 45 days

What is SAP Business ByDesign for finance in 45 days?

The challenges and needs of each company are totally different. Although, the challenges faced by the Financial and Management Control Directors coincide to a large extent: streamline accounting, gain transparency, obtain visibility of cash flow and liquidity, or be able to use mobile devices to know the status of finance at any time.

Therefore, Neteris together with SAP Cloud have developed an aid program so that companies can analyse and optimize the state of cash flows to maintain strict control over accounts receivable and accounts payable, in the payment for use mode.

SAP ERP for finance is a solution adapted to the needs outlined above, as it allows to gain transparency and increases the company’s total performance. With the Financial Solution in 45 days with SAP Business ByDesign you will work with the latest generation of ERP Cloud software for Mid Market.


Why choose SAP Business ByDesign for financial planning?


Our SAP ByD module for finance modernizes your business financial planning. In addition to improving SAP business for finance, this ERP Cloud has the ability to compare information between companies, include all your KPIs of the digitized processes, improve financial planning and has a multi-currency system. All this allows us to face the growth and internationalization plans of the companies in the best conditions, having information in time and, most importantly, reliable information about the business at all times.

SAP Business ByDesign in 45 days has all the features associated with a financial and accounting solution, which is compatible with international accounting principles, including revenue recognition and support for multiple international accounting standards such as IFRS. In addition, real and updated information can be displayed instantly to deal with different situations with the available financial resources.

Taking advantage of cloud technology you can reduce the cost of software licenses and maintenance costs of technical infrastructure.


Benefits of the SAP Business ByDesign module for finance in 45 days

With the Cloud technology adoption program in medium-sized companies, you will be performing all financial operations in 3 months with the guarantee of an SAP Certified Solution. In addition, this SAP financial module offers the possibility of managing the entire business without great complexity or great costs.

  • Improves business management, analytical and budgeting capabilities.
  • Ensures that the work environment is the same for all team members and works 24/7, 365 days a year, on any device.
  • Make sure you have the correct invoices and on time.
  • Less time on closures.
  • Less deviations in budgets.
  • Simplify business operations thanks to integrated finance.

  • Identify new business opportunities.

  • More time to devote to analysing and supporting the company’s growth strategy.


Ask us for a demo of SAP ByDesign to boost your finances and gain transparency and strategic information for your company

sap business bydesign finanzas 45 dias

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