PMP (Project Management)
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  • Are you clear about the objectives of each project? And the risks? How do you measure them?

  • Do you have numerous scope changes throughout the project? How do you manage them?

  • During the project, do you drag down the estimates obtained in the planning phase?

  • Do you carry out studies and collect lessons learned once the project is finished?

  • You need to ensure the success of the project. Do you have certified professionals on your team?

PMP, advantages of a professional project management

Project Management to minimise risks

Neteris offers consulting services for Project Management. We have PMP® certified professionals with extensive experience in all types of ICT projects.

The professional management of projects under the PMP methodology helps to ensure the achievement of the project’s objectives, to minimise their risks, to report in a concise and visible way, to manage the project’s resources in the best way and, ultimately, to maximise the return on investment and therefore the value of our services.

If you want to know more, learn about our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) or request more information by contacting us.

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