EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)
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  • What impact will the increase in the exchange rate have on my financial statements?

  • Is it profitable to move the manufacture of this product to another factory?

  • What financing needs will we have for the investments contemplated in the strategic plan approved by the Board?

  • What deviations do I have about my strategic plan? Where are these deviations located?

EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)

Gestión del Rendimiento Empresarial

EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) is the set of methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the performance of a company’s business. That is, the set of technological solutions that allow to translate objectives into results.

As companies move forward in the process of improving operational excellence, in a market with extreme competition, it is necessary to differentiate through management. This excellence is achieved through the detailed analysis of information in a fast and agile way that allows decisions to be made and exploit the opportunities for success at the right time.

EPM integrates or aligns the key performance indicators in short, medium or long term objectives. That is, it defines the way in which an organisation must work based on the corporate business strategy, through actions and processes that seek a common ground between the strategy and the identification of the indicators and the monitoring of progress.

Our EPM solutions cover the entire business management cycle, from financial planning, budgeting and forecasting to financial consolidation, as well as performance management through the balanced scorecard and key business indicators. Therefore, Neteris is prepared to take on the challenge of helping companies in their growth, in the improvement and optimisation of processes.

Today our clients have learned to monitor the progress of their strategy, through EPM solutions that use collaborative workspaces for their entire organisation. Find out about them:

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