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Engineering companies have experienced great development and growth in recent years. The more than 1,600 engineering companies that make up this sector in Spain, have become reference partners in the main major projects in the world.

In turn, six of the ten main construction companies in the world are Spanish, and the rest is undoubtedly experiencing an upward trend. This growth is supported by many factors, including technology, and is undoubtedly supported by solutions that facilitate total project control.

They are complex companies, since in their daily activity they need to have very complete project management tools that allow them full control of all areas: both financial, technical, and executive, providing full visibility of the availability of their resources, whatever nature they are.

In this last year, the engineering companies have suffered a spectacular rebound, the economic coverage and the growth of the sector, has made this type of companies grow exponentially, as well as their business processes, becoming very complex. Especially at the level of:

  • Business management -1st Phase.

  • Resource management – 2nd Phase.

  • Obtaining metrics – 3rd Phase


ERP Cloud Solutions

Engineering Management Software


Having project management software offers these companies, which are experiencing fast evolution, an ideal platform to transform their growth potential into real results. A cloud-based ERP solution connects all areas of the company, with proven best practices and comprehensive analysis.

With the introduction of SAP Business ByDesign, a mobile and cloud-based native solution that provides an intuitive user experience, you can adapt your software to the way employees want to work. In addition, the managers of the companies will have KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the business in different dimensions, such as the percentage of occupation of the workforce in projects, the margin budgeted over the real, the control of the roles and functions of each of them, and many more.


Engineering Project Management Software with SAP Business ByDesign

Thanks to SAP Business ByDesign, engineering companies have a complete, integrated and scalable management system, which facilitates the joint management of group processes, streamlining decision making, streamlining and optimizing workflows.

SAP Business ByDesign, is the ideal solution for medium-sized companies between 50 and 1,500 employees and whose implementation takes place between 8 and 12 weeks, facilitates the management of the complete cycle of the value chain, from the opportunity to the closing of the project, as well as Your complete economic management.


How does SAP work in the engineering sector?

The implementation of SAP Business ByDesign in the engineering sector, allows the unification of all the central functions that provide effective analysis, guaranteeing the best business processes based on the solid experience of SAP civil engineering or SAP industrial engineering, which offers predesigned processes for all departments, from finance and sales, to product and purchasing management, in a single unified solution.


Advantages of software for industrial and civil engineering


Sap Business ByDesign – ERP Engineering

SAP Business ByDesign offers advantages that facilitate work such as:

  • Implementation of business processes of proven quality and integrated in a simple package and fast implementation.

  • Provision of a dynamic and configurable solution, which drives current growth and evolves at the pace of your company.

  • Availability of analytics with which those responsible for the different areas will have full visibility of all aspects of their operations.

  • Visualization of data from all areas and departments that you can share to your teams and thus provide them with more accurate, relevant and exhaustive information to make informed and timely decisions.

  • Simplicity and clarity when it comes to showing all those metrics that are useful for your specific positions, showing on the control panels, the problems and opportunities that require your attention.


Why choose ERP in the cloud for engineering project management


ERP Engineering

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP solution, designed from the ground up, with flexible business processes based on the best practices of thousands of companies.

Prepared to connect all the people and areas of your organization, its integrated and comprehensive analyses provide full transparency of your entire organization, so that you can quickly take advantage of opportunities and drive growth.


Digital Engineering Transformation with Neteris technological solutions

Through the development, by Neteris, of a solution based on SAP Business ByDesign, it allows the management of the complete cycle of the value chain of the company, facilitating the complete visibility of the availability of resources, and the associated costs.

Neteris engineering project management aims to increase productivity, management visibility, organizational knowledge and profitability, to meet these problems.


Do yo have any of these needs?

  • Complete management of the complete cycle of the value chain from the opportunity to the closing of a project.

  • Full visibility of resource availability, over occupation, etc.

  • Complete economic management of the project: recognition of income, cost, billing and deviations.

  • Differentiation between roles and functions defined in the processes: engineer, team leader, project manager, operations, controller, financial director and management.

  • Technical control of the project: tasks, milestones, documentation.


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