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In consulting we work with organizations to analyze, identify and implement solutions that combine technology and business, in order to respond to market challenges and the changes of the current environment, which are many and complex. We do it with innovative ideas, with methodology and illusion, with experience and through good practices.

Our approach always prioritizes the prism of business and processes and works the vital need to bring value to it. To achieve this we work in functional areas, so that we generate groups specialized in advising and accompanying different roles within your Organization: Operations, Financial, Commercial, Marketing, HR, IT. In addition, when the transformation demands it or the degree of maturation of the companies is low and requires more global approaches, this also applies to the CEO.

The recognition of our management and human resources, as well as the differential value they bring in the market, have enabled us to gain the trust of more than 80 national and international companies to entrust Neteris to design, direct and implement their transformation projects.

Our consulting services are specialized in:

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