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What do your Business Intelligence solutions bring to your company? The vast majority of organizations continue to struggle to obtain reliable and current information that allows them to apply concrete and objective criteria in decision making.

Over the last few years we have seen a large number of companies take initiatives to improve their performance but have not achieved the desired benefits due to incorrect planning and the use of incorrect tools and/or approaches.

It’s not just about having the information, but about having it at the right time, in the exact place and in the specific format or device. It’s about not having to pursue the information to make decisions, but rather that the information reaches our hands at the right time, that is, when a previously defined event has occurred in the organization and deserves to be analyzed. That is the moment when we need the information without requiring it pro-actively.

  • Can you imagine receiving a report of Sales by product, by commercial, by geographical area and/or point of sale in your mailbox every morning?
  • Can you imagine that, in addition, this report reaches your mailbox again without requesting it, when, for example, sales are 2% below the budget?
  • Can you imagine being able to access the origin of these deviations from the same email and trigger the necessary corrective actions?

This is just a simple example of what a BI Solution can do for you and your business. The applications are immense and the benefits enormously high for decision makers.

Implementing a Business Intelligence system will allow you to consolidate all your business information in a comprehensive way and provide you with a set of tools to exploit, analyze, present and share with visual and analytical richness, increasing your productivity.

Choosing a market-leading business intelligence solution is a key part of the decision and future return on your investment. Oracle BI is a benchmark in the market for technological and analytical solutions and business performance management, making it a safe bet.

At Neteris we have a team of professionals who are experts in the implementation of this business intelligence solution, a team capable of guaranteeing the best definition and exploitation of the product based on the needs of your company.

Once implemented, the solution will help you monitor your business, control the parameters or KPIs you decide and the result will facilitate the decision making process.

Our experience indicates that customers begin implementing the solution for the analysis of the sales area, and once they have verified the results and the effect they cause, they quickly expand the solution to other areas of the business such as financial, purchasing or even production analysis.

You should not worry about the financial impact of acquiring Business Intelligence solutions. Today we can offer solutions in the Cloud, or Cloud BI, including hybrid models, which will allow you to access all the functionality of a product of this nature by eliminating CAPEX, that is, a model in which you will pay only for what you use and which brings value in comfortable monthly installments.

If you want to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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