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Digital Transformation in Professional Services

The Professional Services Sector in Spain represents the largest share generating employment and includes activities such as Banking, Consulting, Engineering Services, Legal Services, Real Estate and General Counselling.

The Digital transformation for professional services represent great challenges, basically those related to Globalization and New Technological Applications and will undoubtedly represent an enormous potential for growth in Spain and especially in the environment of this sector.

If we look inside the business we will find a strong current context marked by the existence of well-documented clients, who know exactly what they are looking for and have all the facilities to filter their potential suppliers, based not only on the information they can obtain in a direct way, but in the multitude of data that today can be obtained, for example, through collaborative environments. But this is not the only feature of the current situation, there are also other no less important:

  •  transformacion digital para servicios profesionalesGrowing Competitiveness.
  • Slowdown of the Business.
  • Demand for greater Productivity.
  • Less voluntary turnover and more pressure on fees from customers.
  • Greater needs for specialization and understanding of the Context.
  • Increase of the Regulatory Framework.

And, on the other hand, with the needs and aspirations of professionals who dedicate their lives to the profession and who are increasingly seeking:

  •  transformacion digital para servicios profesionalesWork satisfaction.
  • Reconciliation between personal and professional life.
  • Career development.
  • Proportionality between Value and Salary.
  • Mobility and Flexibility.
  • A job that motivates them.

In this context, is very important to build a Professional Services Organization that attends the internal and external demand management, for which it is fundamental to establish a framework of global transformation that operates within each department to provide it with the operational, analytical and predictive capacity that will allow them:

  • Compete efficiently and obtain new customers not only through conventional means but through the use of new technologies applied to the Commercial Cycles.
  • To implement optimized demand-generation models, which in a smart and semi-automated manner exploit all available channels to capture new business opportunities.
  • To take advantage of the internal processes capable of making the business operate efficiently, flexibly, reliably and measurably. In short, they tend towards excellence.
  • Ensure the quality of your Services while increasing your profitability and / or distribution.
  • To listen, to analyse and to adapt; today these organizations, almost more than any other, need to transfer the output of their clients to their own Organization, for which it is necessary to build the chain of transmission of the information to the decision organs.
  • Work continuously on loyalty and up-selling
  • To promote market confidence in the firm, in its products or services, for which it is critical to review the marketing strategies and support them with the appropriate technologies.
  • Implement HR strategies capable of responding to the needs of customers, the nature of services and especially the demand of the professionals themselves, for which key to understand them.

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