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Sourcing for purchases (S2P)

Sourcing techniques for purchase cycles (Source to Pay)

Purchase cycles have traditionally focused on covering all activities that encompass operations, from acquisition to payment. Purchasing managers, in an effort to anticipate and establish a competitive improvement in the cycle, advance the beginning of the process and extract all their potential through sourcing for purchases (Source to Pay).

sourcingSource to Pay (S2P) allows greater control of the processes led by the purchasing department, from end to end. Through the sourcing techniques, an essential part of the spending cycle is integrated and automated: the selection of suppliers, launching of contests and auctions, negotiation and selection.

The current technological solutions efficiently support the process and free the purchasing department from most of the administrative burden, allowing team members to focus all their efforts on obtaining the best products and services, at the best price and at the right times.

It also provides the possibility of the variables defined for S2P applications to be aligned with the business objectives, achieving a more effective support of the company’s strategy.

In Neteris we accompany our clients in optimising and improving the S2P cycle to provide a competitive improvement to organisations. If you want to know how to take your company one step further, find out more about our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) by requesting more information.

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