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Optimisation of traceability processes

Solutions for a complete traceability process

When it comes to preventing, or in a crisis situation, a well-defined and reliable complete traceability process is indispensable along the entire supply chain. In this course it is essential:

  • A rigorous coding.
  • Exchanges of information between different agents of the chain or within the same company.
  • Automatic access to the life of the product, which allows us to know its history from the reception of all the necessary materials, its manufacture, its transfer between Storage and Distribution Centres, until delivery to the final customer.

For the fulfilment of these premises, a computer system that supports and manages all the necessary data volume is really necessary. The solutions are varied, hardware and/or software, ranging from the labelling and reading of barcodes, radio frequency devices, integration with your ERP software, mobile terminals, integrated weighing systems, etc.

The main advantages of an Optimised Traceability Process are:

  1. Increases customer confidence by ensuring greater efficiency in case of problems.
  2. Decreases the reaction time and control of defective items.
  3. Increases security, allowing to demonstrate the origin of a problem.
  4. Facilitates the location, immobilisation and effective removal of products or batches.
  5. Availability of information quickly and safely.

In Neteris we know what type of solution best suits the needs of each company and, therefore, we work on getting the best for you. If you want to take your company one step further, get to know our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) and ask us for more information.

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