Warehouse Management
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  • Problems with inventory control?

  • Failures in the processes of the supply chain or in the logistics chain?

  • Errors in the control of expiration?

  • Optimisation of the routes in the plant?

  • Control of online stock?

Warehouse Management Solutions

Optimising costs through solutions for Warehouse Management

In the continuous challenge of companies to improve their supply chain, the challenges of the production process have long been overcome. Both technology and investments in R & D have allowed companies to be able to manufacture any type of product at reasonable costs.

But once manufactured, that product goes to the warehouse. What was traditionally considered a necessary physical space within the company’s logistics chain, has become a critical service centre for different areas.

The main objective of an effective warehouse management must guarantee the supply of the necessary materials required by the different departments in an uninterrupted way, and respecting the minimum necessary times that avoid stock breakages or loss of service. Unfortunately in the industry today there are circumstances in which that objective is not covered, and daily suffer:

  1. High search times for products due to lack of location or management of incorrect locations.
  2. Product identification problems.
  3. Loss of traceability.
  4. Lack of integrity between the different warehouse processes: reception, transfers, consumption, manufacturing, picking and shipping.
  5. Expiration and obsolescence of products in plant.

Can technology correct this type of incident? How to make an adequate stock control? The implementation of ERP and SGA systems will allow you to perfect your tasks within the warehouse, optimise costs and increase the level of satisfaction of both the internal customer and the end customer.

From Neteris, we want to propose the best solutions for warehouse management, helping your company take one step further.

If you want to know how to do it, get to know our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) by requesting more information.

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