Transport Management
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  • Integration of transport?

  • Failures in the processes of the supply chain?

  • Transportation competitions?

  • Integration with transporters?

  • Selection of transporters?

  • Balance of transporter bills?

  • Tariff simplification?

Digitisation of transport management

Comprehensive Transportation Management as a logistics strategy

Transport management within the manufacturing and distribution companies has become one of the fundamental processes within the logistics strategy of the same. In addition to being a key piece in the integration of the different areas of the logistics processes: procurement, manufacturing, storage, distribution and customer service, it can contribute much to the final cost of the product. The efficiency of the management of the supply chain is identified today by customers as a differentiating factor.

What processes should be undertaken when defining a comprehensive transport management strategy? Next, we expose the main ones:

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  1. Analysis of merchandise flows: situation of the manufacturing and distribution plants, of the main delivery points, and delivery conditions (restrictions of dates, expirations, volumes, etc.)
  2. Definition of competitions: where the criteria for selecting transporters are standardised and weighted. Definition of the process performance evaluation KPI’s.
  3. Selection of transporters: have several transporters to weigh, implementation of tools that facilitate online simulation according to destination and quantity. With this, we achieve simplification and homogeneity of the tariff model.
  4. Forecast and balance of invoices: negotiation of a model with suppliers that allows to anticipate and pre-invoice the expenses incurred and transfer the verification of the same to the supplier.

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