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Radio Frequency Solutions

RFID technology

radiofrecuenciaRFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) refers to a type of technology that allows the storage and wireless identification of data. The reading and recording of data are made from devices made up of a chip and an antenna called tags. These antennas are designed to receive radio frequency signals from a reading and recording device called a reader or encoder.

The main objective of RFID technology is the identification of any type of product that has a tag attached. This technology has advantages over other existing methods of identification such as barcodes:

  1. The data of an RFID tag can be modified indefinitely.
  2. RFID technology allows working in adverse environments for operators, that is, extreme situations of temperature, humidity, etc.
  3. They do not need a direct line of sight between the tag and the reader.
  4. The information contained in a tag can be much higher than that of a barcode.
  5. It allows an identification, traceability and complete localization in the processes of the supply chain.

The final step is to integrate this technology with the logistic processes of a company through its corporate applications.

From Neteris we want to propose the best radiofrequency solutions. If you are interested in obtaining more information and know our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) through which we will analyse the points of improvement in this regard, please request more information.

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