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  • Do you need to perform Label Management according to the GS1-128 Identification System? Do you use another standard? Barcode or BIDI?

  • Are you looking for Process Automation in the plant? Maybe Integration and Stock Information in real time?

Labelling Solutions

Integration and Management of Labels in Plant

The management of labels GS1-128 in plant, is a standard system of identification by barcode, used internationally for the identification of goods in logistical processes. Basically, it allows:

  • Identifying the logistics units and the characteristics associated with them.
  • Ensuring the traceability and monitoring of the product throughout all the processes of the supply chain.
  • Managing merchandise nationally and internationally.

This barcode allows to include additional information such as batch number, expiration dates, packaging, manufacturing and logistics information (dimensions, quantities, etc.). This supposes an important increase of the information available in an automated way for the companies.

The GS1-128 identification system allows to capture the information automatically through optical barcode readers. This is the characteristic that makes it possible for companies to integrate the available information with the company’s own transactional processes.
The integration of labels in the plant through this identification system includes information such as:

  1. Registration of finished products.
  2. Stock control of raw materials.
  3. Relocation of materials.
  4. Purchase receipts.

All this information is integrated in real time with the transactional systems of the ERP software, providing all those responsible for the logistics chain the exact knowledge of the situation of all material identified with a label.

In Neteris we have professional experts who will integrate this and other identification systems by labels, in order to improve logistics processes. Learn how we work through our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) and request more information.

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