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Financial Automation

Bottom-line Transform PT-X Connect Solutions


AutomatizacionBottom-line Transform solutions allow the automation of financial document management, with the aim of improving the economic management of your company.

Transform PT-X Connect allows you to manage the sending of your documents reliably and securely. Send invoices, purchase orders, budgets, having at all times the control of the situation of such shipments. The tool is integrated with the main ERP of the market such as JD Edwards, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics.

Transform PT-X Connect improves the monitoring of electronic invoices and the control of their charges. Know at all times if your documents have been received, read and downloaded with full visibility of the amounts. In addition, it allows you to take actions in real time on your invoices, reducing collection times and claims management.



  • Reduce your collection times by having control of the status of your invoices at all times.
  • Send all your documents securely and audibly.
  • Visualization of real-time reports on the status of your documents, with clear and organised economic information.
  • Integration with your ERP.
  • Solution compatible with electronic invoice.
  • Improve your financial visibility by reducing your management times.
  • The user interface allows you to take quick actions to reduce your claim and collection times.
  • Pre-integrated management reports and workflows reduce start-up times.
  • Audit control of your management processes.

Document management of all types of documents: budgets, account statements, purchase orders, etc.

Through our NIDA methodology (Neteris Insights, Diagnostics & Actions) we are able to analyse your problems, identify your needs and propose a maturity plan aligned with your size, your capabilities, your budget and your business objectives.

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