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  • Can we finance the new machine in our production line?

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Treasury management solutions

Automated treasury processes

One of every three profitable businesses has great difficulties to guarantee continuity due to the lack of liquidity to finance the short and medium term. In this context, it is essential to have automated and accurate treasury management processes that support the growth of business.

85% of CFOs recognize that during the year they combine continual situations of treasury surpluses, which involve high financial costs, with stress situations that complicate the financing of working capital and investments. Treasury management solutions provide real-time visibility into the liquidity of your company and medium and long-term vision of other financial resources. This can result in significant potential savings.

The most common cause is the lack of accurate forecasts, the lack of automation of processes, cross-cutting and the difficulty in handling information for decision making.

tesoreriaIn Neteris we offer solutions with features that automate the sending and receiving of information with banks, as well as a powerful Reporting Business Intelligence tool, which will allow you to generate reports, charts and scorecards such as global position or bank-company balance.

With the potential of these solutions, you can manage and control financing and investment operations, both medium and long-term, increasing the performance of your financial resources and, above all, their control and planning.

You have the possibility to choose to have the solution in your organisation (On Premise) or the treasury management option in the cloud, and access all the functionality with a web browser (Cloud), from any device and completely eliminating the CAPEX of the investment.

If you are interested in discovering our treasury management solutions and real experiences, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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