The CIO and Technological Applications

Information Technologies in Digital Companies

Nowadays, being CIO, Responsible for Information Technology means having a key role in getting the company to adapt to emerging markets, grow and transform. It is no longer a parcelled position of high technological content, but its modernization entails a double cap that transcends the direct contribution of value to the business:

  • The CIO as IT Manager: They are not only responsible for the management of infrastructure, processes, technological applications or data, they also have an important role in the cost structure of a company.
  • The CIO as Partner of other departments: It is no secret that nowadays all departments seek excellence through modernization, digitalization and the implementation of new solutions based on technological applications and processes. Neither it is the fact that the CIO is an essential support for them when it comes to understanding, identifying and qualifying the impact of these changes and collaborating in their implementation being aligned with the company’s IT strategy.

For these reasons, and because all companies will have to undertake sooner or later the transformation processes necessary to play in the digital environment, we present you how in Neteris we help the CIOs to promote internal initiatives that help the Organizations to go through this necessary and interesting path. A journey that not only affects IT, but the other departments of the Organization that need more than ever a greater understanding and collaboration between them.

Next, you will find some of the areas and solutions in which we work with the sponsorship of the CIOs. Please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for and want to request information about another need.

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